An Ode on the Morning after the Zumba the Night Before
I used to go line dancing
And it really was a hoot
With grapevines and a sashay
In an upturned cowboy boot
But numbers sadly dwindled
And the class has given way
To the more high impact Zumba
Help ma boab, is all I’ll say
Dolly Parton was forgotten -
Pulsating drum beats in ma heid
And we were off and galloping
Like Bollywood on speed
Now hand eye coordination is a skill
I’ve yet to learn
So I waved my arms in double time
And sure did feel the burn
But I had no inkling of the pain
That today would surely come
As I got down low and jiggled
And tried wiggling my bum
My pelvic floor vibrated
And gyrated with the rest
But I’m not sure that my sports bra
Really stood up to the test
This morning as I made a move
To roll out of my pit
I found new groups of muscles
As they throbbed a little bit
So I long for gentle grapevines
And some loud Shania Twain
Though as my husband tells me
The saying is "no pain, no gain"


New Zumba student

Second week at Zumba for Jeannie.

Ode after the Class the Night Before:


Flailing limbs in double time 

And trying not to giggle

I upped my game at Zumba class

And let my booty wiggle

I shook bits here and shook bits there

And to my consternation 

Discovered there were bits of me

That moved in isolation 

Shakira’s song “my hips don’t lie”

Was playing in my head

As this morning I reluctantly 

Tried rolling out of bed

Perhaps I wasn’t built for speed

I’ve never been that sporty

Unless it will get easier

With some WD40?

by Jeannie Price

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