Been doing this class for last few weeks as needed to build up support for knee after injury and confidence in ability to get back to using my knee but recognise limitations.

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Pam Smith, Oct 2020

I count myself lucky to reach age of 71, without having serious health issues, painful yes, Serious no. Daily drugs to take, no.

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Paracise Review, Oct 2020

Line dancing during lockdown has given me a bit of normality,keeping me ‘in touch’ with other dancers. It has helped me mentally having something to look forward to and dancing is always fun and enjoyable. Of course it helps my fitness and balance too, couldn’t have survived without it.

Marie Milton, 16th Jul 2020

I would definitely recommend any of Elma’s classes, not just because she is a great teacher and the classes are fun but because any of them can improve you rbalance and co-ordination.

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Happy Dancer, 15th Jul 2020

Since the lockdown I have been working from home. I was feeling unfit and joined your fitness classes. Your classes are really good and you always give a fantastic work out. Since starting your classes my fitness levels have doubled. Your classes are fantastic and my fitness levels are far better than they were.

Ann Robertson, 1st July 2020

Elma's online classes have been a total lifesaver during these lockdown weeks. I have enjoyed line dancing, fitsteps, Powerhoop and body conditioning exercises resulting in improved balance and posture - all carried out under Elma's expert tuition. Looking forward to some on-line classes continuing.

Pauline Lamont, 21st Jun 2020

I joined Elma’s beginners line dancing last year. She has so much patience (just as well) and explains clearly & patiently all the steps and often giving options making it fun and always with great music. New to me during lockdown is Elma’s FitSteps, Zumba & Power Hoop classes, I’m thoroughly enjoying them all. Elma’s enthusiasm is so infectious, I’d definitely recommend her classes. Also good for all ages as she always gives higher & lower options.

Gillie Dongworth, 1st June 2020

I have known Elma for alot of years and what a joy she truly is. Used to go to her line dance classes in Aberdeen and various social evenings. Roll on years later to this awful pandemic. Have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in Zoom classes for the past few months. Zumba and line dancing I have done before but the new one for me was Fitsteps. What a buzz I get from this. Just gives me such a happy feeling. Look forward to it every week. I would highly recommend if you haven't tried any of the classes that you do. You will feel amazing.

Joan Stuart, 18th Jun 2020

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