Hi Elma


My self and Karen would like to thank you for what you have done for us this year with the social dance lessons then first dance for our recent wedding on the 5th  of sept 2010 at the Norwood Hall although i am still mortified that the only persons feet i stood on all night would have to be you any one else would have been acceptable. You have a great relaxed manner thats helps individuals like my self and Karen want to continue learning and where i wasn't so confident  to dance before i am a lot less concerned and now understand that having the a basic understanding of the dances and etiquette can be a lot more fun than sitting watching others although iv a lot to learn.

i could not get a testimonial loaded on your site but please use what you wish from this email and realize what you have done for us not just for the wedding but for the added confidence and enjoyment we will have in the future due to your assistance .


Heading to Vegas on Thursday but keep us informed for your next re run of dance lessons


bye for now Ray & Karen

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