But In July of this year. I was persuaded to take blood thinning drugs daily as I have Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation (PAF). This is preventative medication because of PAF. I also have lots of joint problems. However......... 2018 I misjudged steps at my front door, and fell. Had nothing in right hand, luckily, but in left hand was 4 pint plastic bottle of milk and my handbag over my arm. Right hand saved me from my face hitting step, step did however made contact with my forehead. Unfortunately my other arm took the weight of my bag etc. Was taken to health centre, saw nurse and Dr, sent to A&E was xrayed etc and was informed had pulled tendons. Each time went to GP was told Inflammation in tendons take time to heal. December of that year saw sympathetic GP and referred for ultra scan. Got that late January which showed I had 3 tendon tears and my bicep muscle had no support. Hence all the pain and inability to do a lot with my arm.


Enough waffling...... the reason I am telling you this Elma is..... since the above accident I have issues with my left arm. Two things in particular is most annoying...... before I started your Paracise class, I could not reach a patch of my hair on the back of my head to dry my hair....... and now I can..... WOW.......2 and a bit years later/and only 3 Paracise Classes. The second annoying thing was resolved today ............. I managed to wash under my right armpit without bicep muscle going into spasm. Still find it difficult to put jacket or cardigan, taking off tops and t shirts sometimes sends muscle into spasm and my tops still get stuck under my arm.


Am working on the “waves” and “waiter” part as they are proving to be a bit difficult, but will get there. Very early days yet.


The thing with Paracise is, you don’t realise you are working all your joints. No floor exercise. No jumping about. Nothing wrong with physio exercises, except it is focusing on one area only, in my opinion, and that seems like a chore....... oh me better do my exercises!!! .........Paracise is part of a group, you focus also on the music..... great. Works for me. And I find it very enjoyable. Doesn’t feel like a chore.


Being able to see you and follow you on Zoom is just grand Elma. Thank you.

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