When researching online for dancing instructors and choreographers, we came across Elma Robertson at Elma Events.  She has a section on her website dedicated to First Dances.  This was exactly what we were looking for!  We definitely did not want to look silly and bore our wedding guests doing our speciality ‘the foot shuffling sway’.  From the moment we got engaged we knew that having dancing lessons for our first dance was a requirement.  Neither of us are gifted dancers, uncoordinated and clumsy best described us before we had our dancing lessons with Elma.   

During the lessons Elma was so encouraging and reassuring that our nerves soon dwindled as did our sway.  Before we knew it we were actually dancing, and really well! Elma was so enthusiastic and her ideas were perfect with our first dance song.  She really made our first dance experience an enjoyable and memorable one, and our guests are still complementing our dance routine! 

Kind Regards 

Kay Ross

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