I would definitely recommend any of Elma’s classes, not just because she is a great teacher and the classes are fun but because any of them can improve you balance and co-ordination.


I have a neurological disorder that left me with such bad balance and co-ordination problems that I never thought would ever improve but in doing these classes I have improved considerably.


When I first started the classes I gave up on each of them as I felt I was rubbish and would never improve. I then went back after 6 months or so and instead of feeling embarrassed about my lack of co-ordination and balance I just thought “why not” as whatever I get out of them is better than doing nothing. I also realised that there was no need to be embarrassed at all as everyone is just concentrating on doing there own thing and nobody is judging you.


I am so glad I did go back as now I am not just fitter with improved balance and co-ordination but actually found I loved line dancing. I now do Fitsteps as well and am loving that just as much. I am also doing powerhoop and trying Zumba both online at the moment and enjoying both.

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